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The Electricity Consulting Group

March 22, 2012

Power sector assets produce multiple products that create value priced in separate and distinct markets. Power plants may obtain revenues from energy, capacity, ancillary services, emissions credits and renewable energy credits. Independent transmission projects may receive revenues through regulated rates or anchor tenant arrangements and open season auctions.

Understanding market rules, underlying economic fundamentals and competition is critical for assessing an existing or potential power business. FTI brings together multi-disciplined teams of industry experts and former industry executives who have in-depth familiarity with markets, along with leading analytics capabilities, to provide clients with realistic market assessments.

Competitive and regulated markets coexist in the electricity sector, offering asset owners, investors, and traders multiple venues for creating value from their physical and financial positions. Understanding these markets is crucial for realizing that value. FTI has the expertise, experience and analytical capabilities to assist clients with understanding power markets and how to generate returns.

Expertise and Experience
FTI consultants have designed competitive wholesale and retail electricity markets, established regional transmission operators (RTOs), bid into capacity markets, and provided long-standing regulatory support to vertically-integrated utilities in non-RTO regions. Prior to FTI, many of them have served as business executives in energy companies looking to capitalize on those competitive markets. We serve as business advisors to multi-billion dollar companies making billion dollar investments in the sector. This combination of deep industry expertise with business experience offers clients a comprehensive view of market conditions for purposes of assessing existing investments and new opportunities.

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